Good Night Images for Friends

Funny and cool good images to share with your naughty friends via email, twitter, facebook, whatsapp etc., Tell your friends that you will be always there for them with this lovely e-cards. As the day is going to end take a chance to wish all your best buddies have a calm sleep with sweet dreams. Good friends are like stars in the sky, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there for you.

Friends are the one who stays with us in troubles, hold our hands, stays with us and make us to forgot all our worries. Hence we can do anything to help them to have a better sleep. We loose our sleep when we go through bad times in our life. A good sleep is very important for both the mind and our body. A good sleep also help us to tackle the problems that we will face tomorrow. Help your friends to have a good sleep by sharing these good night images for friends.

Good Night Wishes for Friends
Sweet Night Pics
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May your life be as fresh as rain drop, as sweet as honey, as colorful as rainbow and as wonderful as you, my friend. Good Night. Sweet Dreams.

Good Night Wishes for Friends
Sweet Night Images
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Dear friend, Don't be worried about tomorrow.. I will always be there to set things right.. Good Night.

Friends are the sunshine that lights up your life's dark skies. Good Night dear friends.

Awesome moment of our life is that when we see our most beloved person in our dreams. Wishing you those awesome moments. Good Night.

May your dreams be sweet and peaceful and tomorrow full of pleasant surprises. Good Night.

The best way to make friends happy is by sending them a goodnight wish everyday. Even though some of them are not close with you, by sending these good night images for friends wishes will help us to bring the old friends back also find new friends. Each image has some cuteness mixed with love and affection for your friends. Hence good night friend images will help you to share your feelings with them and make them feel special.

Good Night. Dream your sweetest dreams and may each one come true.

Good Night, sleep tight, may your friendship fill your life with light. Sweet dreams, dear friend!

Just like how the bright stars light up a dark night, sky, the memories of our friendship are the twinkles in my life. Good Night Friends.

The brightest stars in my life are not planetary objects, they are friends like you who shine through night and day. Good Night.

Good Night. Sleep tonight and be well. Know that you have done your very best today, and that you will do your very best tomorrow.

A friendship is one of the most important thing in a person's life that should be treasured. Whatever we think before sleep gets into our dream. Fill your friends dream with joy and happy moments of friendship by sending these good night images for friends. Feel free to download the images and help your friends to have a wonderful sleep.

Good Night Images for Friends
Good Night Funny
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I pray to God that your life be as sweet as honey, as fresh as rain drops, as colourful as rainbow and as wonderful as your friendship. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Friendship is all about three things, winning, losing and sharing. Winning your friend's heart, losing your ego and sharing joys and sorrows. Good Night Dear friend.

Good Night. The world is better with you in it.

Friendship is a rainbow between two hearts, sharing seven feelings. Love, Happiness, Truth, Faith, Secret, Trust and Sadness. Good Night Dear Friends.

Being your friend is my gift, missing you is my bad luck, disturbing you with SMS is my way of thinking you, but keeping our friendship is my aim. Good Night My Very Special Friend.

Friendship has a funny way of making you look forward to each and every day. At night you think about the fun you'll have with your friends tomorrow. While during day, you gossip with your friends about the fun you had yesterday.. Good Night Friends.

As long as we're friends, there's nothing more I could ask for from life. Good Night.

Good Night Images for Friends
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