Good Night Moonlight Images

All the nights are beautiful. Especially it is awesome in summer, as it gives some calm and cool climate. On such a great time, wish your loved ones with this great collection of Good Night Moonlight Images. These pictures and greetings can only be downloaded for non-commercial purposes. Download and enjoy sharing your warm wishes with these quotes and messages.

    What’s done is done. This day is over. Embrace sleep for tomorrow brings new opportunities to do better. When you close your eyes tonight, take a deep breath and as you exhale, slip into dreamland with the knowledge that you’ve done your best today.

    Your hands perfectly fit in mine, so does our destiny. Have a Fateful Night!

    I will always love you until life falls apart, and we count our last breaths together. Have a Magnificent Sleep!

    Don’t go to the stars; there are way too many. Aim for the moon like I did, only just like you. Have a Shining Night!

    I love your facial expressions on everything you say or do, Making me wonder how lucky I am to meet you. Have a Love-full Sleep!

    Your words work magic on me, Breaking all the barriers life ever laid on me. Have a break-free Sleep!

    Nothing in this universe is beautiful than the moon. It glorifies the whole dark night in a great way. There lies the beauty of the moon. Check out through this cute collection of moonlight wallpapers images and e-cards with good night messages in the background and download your favorite one to wish your loved ones.

    My dreams are all incomplete without you in it. Don’t ever leave me. Have a Wonderful Night!

    Those beautiful eyes make me forget my words sometimes. Such power you hold on me. Have a Fine Sleep!

    When you wear my favorite color when you just dress up for me. When you laugh at my jokes. I love you and your every little action. Have a Great Night!

    Live life queen size with A million dollar smile. Have an Awesome Sleep!

    I have those isolated nights where I feel devoid of any feelings. But, then one message from you eases away all my drowsiness. Have a Superb Sleep!

    Don’t ever feel alone or sad, call me, and I’ll make you glad. Have a Good Night!

    These lonely nights are a punishment for making you sad or cry. I am sorry for all that, forgive me. Have a Hearty Night!

    I have shared with you my darkest moments which I no longer fear because you have made me forget them. Have a Fearless Sleep!

    My Heart no longer beats for me, It only dances at your voice, Sings at your moves and loves your every mood. Have an Energetic Sleep!

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