Good Night Wishes for Rainy Night

Celebrate this rainy night with our lovely collection of Goodnight wishes for Rainy Night. Make our lovely goodnight pictures speak the best love messages through a goodnight wish to your dear ones. From this beautiful collection of rainy goodnight wishes greetings and messages select the best ones and share it with your dear love and make this night a memorable one. Select, share and create romantic moments.

    Multiply your love, Divide your sorrows, Live a life nobody could have thought of. Have a Dozy Night!

    End your hectic day with a positive hope, Surrendering yourself to those positive dreams. Have a Cuddly Night!

    When your eyes search for mine, I fall for you again in that time. Don’t do this to me, Love me only once, I can’t die every time you say that. Have a Lazy Night!

    Stars shine with all its might, Sharing its light even in the shrine. You are a star in my life & you have made my life all bright. Have a Sunny Sleep!

    Always sleep with a big smile and let the frown take a back seat. Healthy Smile will surely cause A Healthy Sleep. Have a Healthy Sleep!

    I am waiting to take you into my arms and let all your worries dissipate afar. Wishing you a beautiful sleep till all your fears burry down deep. Have a Worry-free Night!

    You are special and always have been in my every moment and my every breath. I owe you my existence and all of me. Have a Special Night!

    Nights are awesome, and that too rainy nights are even more awesome. They make you feel the beauty of nature and the fragrance of wet sand. On such an occasion, wish your friends, family members and other loved ones with these Good Night With Rainy Day e-cards and quotes.

    Holding your hands in those times, Promising a good time. I wish I could be with you in your dull time and love you till I see your smile. Have a Decent Sleep!

    Loving you was always a privilege, Liking you a hobby and thinking about you my daily routine. Have a Mesmerizing Sleep!

    The memories which you have given me are worth a million dollars. I hope I can treasure it until my last heartbeats. Have a Dreamy Night!

    Always blossom even in those dark times, always smile when the road is dainty. Remember I am always with you in your fears and in your darkest times. Have a Sound Sleep!

    I love the way you curl up like a baby who is about to fall asleep. I love the way you let out your deepest worries and call it a day. I love everything about you. But, more importantly, I love you. Have a Splendid Night!

    Let all your worries subside, All your sadness disappear. All the baggage which you have been carrying all along fall. Let sleep invade your senses and make you welcome an energetic morning tomorrow. Have a Safe Sleep!

    “Sleeping without you is sad, but I console myself that I will dream of you. Remember that I love you very much and despite that destiny has separated us for the moment, it will link us again because we are born to love each other. “

    “Sleeping Beauty, I wish that tonight I can dream about us. I would love to kiss you and sleep with you. As the night progresses I feel happy because I will see you at dawn. I love you so much. “

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